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Toronto Star

Earth-friendly flowers bloom at Hatcher Florist", by Lisa Wright, February 14, 2008. Earth-friendly flowers bloom at Hatcher Florist TheStar.com - Business - Brothers Bob, left, and Doug Hatcher of family flower shop Hatcher Florist say they are trying to change the world, one flower at a time.

Toronto shop selling bouquets from socially responsible farms a small but blossoming segment of the flower market February 14, 2008 Lisa Wright business reporter Bob and Doug Hatcher aren't your typical petal pushers. Planted in a North York flower shop that's remarkably been in the family for nearly a century, they care enough to dig up the floral facts on exactly where your pretty Valentine's Day roses and bouquets came from and the conditions in which they were grown. On top of that they're one of the few known retailers in the Toronto area – and one of only about a dozen in Ontario – that offer certified, Earth-friendly flowers on request at the charming Hatcher Florist shop on Yonge St. near Finch Ave. "More and more people are searching out these flowers and products, " say
the Hatchers.

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