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Partnership with Sierra Eco

Sierra Eco is now recognizing and promoting farms certified under the Veriflora certification system. What is Veriflora? VeriFlora is the first and only certification program developed specifically for cut flowers in North America. VeriFlora addresses the entire distribution chain with the goal of enhancing the customer's flower buying experience. VeriFlora offers certification for all members of the supply chain: growers, handlers,
and retailers. VeriFlora includes cold chain management protocols that promote flower quality and longevity. VeriFlora has the most stringent protocols for agrochemical use among all sustainable flower label programs. Growers must eliminate the use of: Agrochemicals classified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as 1a ("extremely hazardous" or 1b ("highly hazardous"). Agrochemicals with comparable toxicity to WHO Class 1a or 1b (based on risk to human health). VeriFlora requires growers to develop a plan for transitioning to organic farming practices over time. This is the only sustainable flower label program that includes this requirement