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Money Tree


Product Description

 The money tree is thought to bring good fortune and luck to those who place it in their home or office. Bright location but protect from direct hot sun. As the money tree grows, it will continually sprout new stems of leaves which will unfold into five leave stems. Botanical name is Pachira Glabra. Pachira aquatica can grow up to 18 m (59.1 ft) in height in the wild. It has shiny green palmate leaves with lanceolate leaflets and smooth green bark. Its showy flowers have long, narrow petals that open like a banana peel to reveal hairlike yellowish orange stamens. The tree is cultivated for its edible nut which grow in a very large, woody pod. The nuts are light brown, striped with white. They are said to taste like peanuts, and can be eaten raw or cooked or ground into a flour to make bread. Toronto, delivery from our shop of tropical plants.

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